Systems Change

We are more focussed on the environmental conditions that facilitate success, rather than on the success stories of single projects or organisations. We therefore work to understand the different parts of the system; the elements that are working well, the bits that are broken and the gaps. We then focus our efforts on helping to build a healthy ecosystem in which change-makers can operate.

An implication of this is that our support is directed to intermediary organisations -    agencies whose purpose is to support frontline social change organisations. These include The Difference Incubator, Ethical Property Australia, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation and Australia Progress.


We apply our expertise and resources to influence others rather than acting directly ourselves. We work behind the scenes and are ambivalent about recognition.

We work with people who are trying new ways to make the world better. To be effective these people are single minded in pursuit of their goals. It is our job to support them by creating the environment that increases the possibility of their success.

Get things done

We are not interested in building consensus, but are committed to making a difference. We are under no illusions that everything we try will work, or that all our efforts will be judged to be well spent in hindsight. Rather than selecting lower level projects, we are focussed on the slow, hard work of helping to build an ecosystem.

Our energy is spent:

  • Seeking to understand the field of social innovation; what lessons are being learned around the world; who else is thinking about the problem and what are they doing about it?
  • Recruiting and marshalling the efforts of stakeholders.
  • Designing a roadmap for change, and getting on with implementing it.

See How Field Catalysts Galvanise Social Change,  Hussein, Plummer & Breen, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Oct 2017.