our current grants

Progress Labs

Progress Labs is Australia’s dedicated social movement incubator.  

To find out more go to their website.

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

TACSI partners with government, not-for-profits, philanthropy and business to make practical progress that leads to better lives.  One of their initiatives is Family by Family, which aims to keep more kids out of the child protection system by providing peer support to families.  Family by Family supports families to help each other survive.  

donkey wheel supports TACSI to develop more programs similar to Family by Family.  To find out more about TACSI go to their website.

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

HRAFF inspires and engages audiences with social justice and human rights issues via an annual festival.  In 2017 donkey wheel is supporting CineSeeds, aimed at children and young people.  

To find out more about HRAFF go to their website.

indirectly supported organisations

These are organisations that are supported through the donkey wheel ecosystem, infrastructure we’ve helped create such as TDi and Ethical Property Australia.  They include the tenants of donkey wheel house and participants in TDi’s Two Feet program, amongst others.

Find out about some of these organisations:

And here are the rest:

organisations supported in 2017



our investments

We also use our investments to make a difference.  For more information go to impact investing.

our formative grants

Find out more about some of our earlier grants that have helped us define who we are.