partner organisations

These are organisations we have built or helped build as part of our ecosystem, and organisations we work closely with as we strive to increase our impact and do the most we can with the funds we have available.

Bessi Graham, CEO of TDi

TDi logoThe Difference Incubator

TDi enables others to do good and make money at the same time.  They work with change makers to develop investment-ready enterprises that create positive social or environmental impact and are financially sustainable.

TDi was inspired by donkey wheel’s Two Feet program, run in 2010, and the need to create more opportunities in Australia for impact investing.  With donkey wheel and The Myer Foundation as its initial funders, TDi is now a successful organisation that has worked with hundreds of enterprises.

TDi also offers consulting sessions, business model workshops, and other programs for mission-driven organisations.

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Kinfolk Cafe

Ethical Property Australia logoEthical Property Australia

We believe that space can change the world. 

Sharing space and resources with organisations and people who have a similar ethos means that we can not only do more with less, we can share ideas and experience.

Ethical Property Australia raise social impact investment to purchase and refurbish properties, delivering a solid financial, social and environmental return.

Bringing together tenants with common goals allows them to offer shared resources such as meeting and conference rooms, IT infrastructure and back office services, and it creates vibrant communities and opportunities for partnerships and joint projects.

Ethical Property Australia was born out of conversations between donkey wheel and Ethical Property UK.  After purchasing donkey wheel house, we realised the importance of having a specialised property management organisation to handle both the complexities and opportunities a community of mission-driven organisations creates.

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other organisations

Benefit Capital

Benefit Capital is a private organisation that works in impact investing.  Its services include, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, impact reporting and corporate structuring for impact.  To find out more go to

Social Innovation Exchange

SIX is an international network for social innovation.  They connect innovators, design experiences, curate knowledge and insights, and disseminate practical examples of social innovation, enabling the global community to learn from each other, and build the capacities of its members. 

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The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation partners with government, not for profits, philanthropy and businesses to make practical progress that leads to better lives. 

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Ethinvest manages the majority of donkey wheel’s investments.  To find out more about them go to